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District Media,  one of the publishing companies in Portland Oregon, is your destination for achieving financial empowerment. Our comprehensive suite of personal finance blogs goes beyond merely improving financial literacy; they also equip you with the knowledge, tools, and the idea of “Save Better Live Better” to help master your finances and embrace a prosperous future.

With District Media, you’ll embark on a journey of financial discovery, backed by expert insights and real-life success stories. Our engaging and user-friendly content covers everything from budgeting hacks, credit management, smart money concepts and investing to debt management and building passive income streams.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success. We don’t just provide advice; we foster financial growth and elevate your confidence in managing your money. From beginners to seasoned investors, our user-friendly approach caters to individuals at every stage of their financial voyage.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to personal financial freedom. Join the District Media family today and take the first step toward a brighter, financially secure future. Together, we’ll unlock the keys to financial independence and unleash the true potential within all of us!


Evolving from the Living Room to a Global Team: District Media’s Journey Towards All Things Personal Finance

The District Media narrative took root in 2013 within the District of Columbia. The visionary behind it all, James Hendrickson, embarked on a digital exploration from the comfort of his living room. Little did he know, this simple act would set the stage for a revolutionary transformation in digital publishing..

Sensing a growing appetite for financial knowledge across America, he stumbled upon an advertising opportunity engaged in teaching people all about money and basic financial literacy. This fortuitous encounter presented a chance to reshape America’s relationship with money, and James was determined to seize it.

In the embryonic stages, operations unfolded in coffee shops and home offices, painting a picture of humble beginnings. Yet, the company’s progress defied expectations, forging ahead by leaps and bounds. With each stride, District Media expanded its online presence as one of the publishing companies in Portland Oregon, incorporating new websites,  and nurturing a burgeoning team.

By 2015, the company’s portfolio welcomed timeless additions – Saving Advice and Blogging Away Debt – emblematic of its dedication to fostering smart money concepts. This period marked a pivotal transition, setting the trajectory for a remarkable journey ahead.

The advertising realm took notice, captivated by District Media’s innovative approach. The year 2019 saw the company’s gross revenue surpassing the million-dollar mark, a testament to its unwavering commitment to reshaping financial narratives. This triumph ushered in a new chapter as District Media established an office in Portland, Oregon, shedding its startup identity in favor of a firmly established enterprise.

The post-2019 landscape ushered in an era of exponential growth. Engineers were welcomed into the fold, a robust sales team was cultivated, and meticulous publishing processes were refined and systematized. Amidst this evolution, the paramount objective remained unaltered – to empower individuals in their pursuit of enhanced credit management and stronger money skills.

Today, the echoes of District Media’s founding principles resonate more powerfully than ever. The company disseminates its insights across over 27 platforms, reaching a staggering audience of 4,500,000 individuals each year. While the coffee shop origins have evolved into a more sophisticated workspace, the fervor for elevating financial literacy has remained unswerving. This mission has spanned geographies, transcending boundaries, and culminating in a globally dispersed team.

In tracing the trajectory from the living room to a dynamic global team, District Media has become synonymous with “Save Better,” “Credit Management,” “Smart Money Concepts”, and “Money Skills”. As the pages of its story continue to unfold, District Media’s influence on financial narratives grows ever more indelible.

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